The Victorian Government's e-waste to landfill ban

is here - does your company have a plan?

On 1 July, 2019, the Victorian Government enacted a statewide ban on E-waste being dumped in skips or bins destined for landfill, following South Australia’s lead in 2013.

PonyUp for Good is readying Victorian companies and departments, to put an environmental strategy in place for the responsible handling of their decommissioned technology. The ‘one-two punch’ in this - your organisation can also be part of an important social impact program, feeding people in need across the country via SecondBite - GiddyUp!


Let’s take a look at the big stat’s - globally in 2018, we produced more than 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste, with 700,000 tonnes generated in Australia. The amount of global e-waste is expected to increase by almost 17%, to 52.2 million tonnes in 2021, or around 8% every year. So without significant measures to reduce this - the delicious cocktail of lead, mercury, cadmium, barium & lithium leaching into our soil & waterways will increase to Ganges style proportions if we do not make changes now.

John Gertsakis, Director of the E-waste Watch Institute & Adjunct Professor with the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS, backs this plan, stating;

“Banning all forms of e-waste & batteries from landfill is an essential step towards achieving a circular economy & conserving resources, which are used to manufacture electronics. We also need more brands & retailers to step up to the stewardship challenge, providing consumer-friendly take-back, reuse & recycling services.”


The details of the landfill ban and penalty structure for illegal dumping under the Victorian scheme, is due for announcement on July 1, however if we take precedent from the South Australian E-waste to landfill ban, in place since 2013, there will be some serious reputational and financial outcomes at stake. We strongly support other states following suit soon.

South Australian precedent:

  • Illegal dumping of e-waste is a criminal offence

  • On-the-spot penalties of up to $1000 (residential quantities)

  • For serious offences dumping (in landfill, skips & bins) can attract fines of up to $120,000 or imprisonment for 2 years (commercial quantities)



PonyUp for Good is a social enterprise, working with businesses across the country, collecting their donated, decommissioned technology - In partnership with our wonderful operations partners, we data erase it to Department of Defence standards, then de-badge and re-market assets in bulk for reuse, inline with the EPA hierarchy.

Items unable to be reused are broken down and fully recycled with 98-100% diversion from landfill, allowing precious resources to live another day.

THE KICKER: PonyUp donates 50% of profits to SecondBite, Australia’s largest fresh food rescue charity, who redistributed over 13.8 million kilos of rescued fresh food last year, feeding over 75,000 people in need across the country every day.

Our mission by the end of 2020, is to donate 1 Million meals via SecondBite and divert 1 Million kilos of technology from landfill.

By collaborating with our wonderful clients, including Australia Post, Telstra, Red Energy, Service Stream & AHPRA - In December 2018, PonyUp reached our first milestone of 250,000 meals donated to SecondBite! 


We know how important it is to measure our progress - So for every tech collection, our clients receive an Environmental & Community Impact Report outlining:

●     How many kilos of technology you diverted from landfill: Contributing to your organisation’s waste reduction targets

●     How many kilos were able to be reused and how much was recycled

●     How many fresh meals you contributed to SecondBite to support people in need: A great brand story for your customers, team and stakeholders and a lasting legacy which, impacts folk doing it tough in your community and across the country.


PonyUp for Good takes our clients data security seriously - We don’t leave anything to chance. This is why we have partnered with MRI E-Cycle Solutions and AEON Technologies as our logistics and operational partners.

Assets are collected from your site, under a secure chain of custody. All hard drives are data wiped, using Blancco, a Department of Defence and Federal Government approved process, which removes data and the operating system from each hard drive. Assets are also thoroughly de-badged, removing any proprietary logos and serial numbers from the physical assets.

From 22nd February 2018 - Important amendments were made to the Australian Privacy Act, introducing mandatory notification procedures for data breaches. All entities, which are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles, now have new reporting obligations should a data breach occur. PonyUp for Good can provide your business with data wiping services, which will ensure your compliance with the updated Act. You can learn more on the update Privacy Act here.

In an interview with PonyUp for Good, Stan Krpan, CEO of Sustainability Victoria, states; 

‘Every organisation & business is different in terms of what drives & motivates them. However, in general, financial & environmental factors often come into play. By donating their unwanted or outdated hardware for reuse, businesses can help to keep those electronics out of landfill. Where organisations such as PonyUp for Good, can offer secure data destruction with a social impact, this may drive businesses to do the right thing & donate their decommissioned tech to be reused.’


They say prevention is better than the cure and this goes for the health of your business’s reputation and the planet too. Getting ahead of the e-waste to landfill ban just makes sense and if you combine this, with simultaneously creating a social impact legacy your team and customers can get behind...Well that’s just like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time!

Old tech - new life - GiddyUp!

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