50% of THE profits FROM PILOT

WENT to ace & the happy school, CAMBODIA


To test our theories and learn everything we didn't know about running a social enterprise in the surplus technology space, we ran a pilot from May 21 - August 22 2016. Our objective was to collect 300 devices from friends, family and businesses within our network and that horse well and truly bolted. Our wonderful network came through with 80% of our target and then - in on a jungle vine, swung our incredible first major corporate donor who donated a massive 19 pallets of e-waste and used devices, totalling more than 4 1/2 tonnes.  

During the pilot we were flying the ACE - Act Change Educate flag, an Australian fundraising organisation who founded and manage the Happy School project in Cambodia.  We were incredibly proud that the pilot enabled us to contribute enough funds to cover the education costs for 50 students for a whole year!

Our Pilot objectives

Our Pilot objectives

Throughout the pilot we engaged with a multitude of interesting and amazing professionals, including offshore & domestic wholesalers and parts specialists, IT and data cleansing experts and co-regulatory providers under the NTCRS (National Television and Computer recycling scheme run by the Department of Environment and Energy) - to assess and ensure our back-end met our environmental and social responsibilities and objectives. We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and partner with people who are enthusiastic about our mission and have provided us with a wealth of knowledge and wonderful insights and learnings to help us on our way. 


     Pilot Video - May 2016