How corporate social responsibility is making a meal of technology

Well, what a journey it's been! It's almost a year to the day since we first started talking about building a social enterprise. We developed a concept, a brand and ran a pilot. We then took those learnings - and built a business model, which WINS in 4 ways, by:

  1. Saving technology from landfill, having it reused for up to another 7 years  
  2. Selling devices to developing countries, who benefit from access to affordable technology
  3. Harvesting for parts or ethically recycling devices not suitable for resale
  4. And the major kicker; donating 50% of our profits to a charity partner to deliver real and impactful outcomes

A lot like dating, the right charity partner is very much about finding someone with the same values as you. You need mutual trust, a shared idea of what 'awesome' looks like and to be able to spend lots of time together. Today, we announce with great pride, we have found that 'something special' in our charity impact partner, SecondBite!

It's a marriage made in landfill avoidance heaven. SecondBite is Australia’s biggest fresh food rescue charity, redistributing nutritious, surplus food, donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events to more than 1300 community food programs on the frontline of food poverty around Australia. Last year SecondBite rescued 10 million kilograms of nutritious food, which delivered 55,000 healthy meals a day to those in need. This makes our hearts sing!

And the warm fuzzy is mutual - with SecondBite CEO, Jim Mullan saying, “At the heart of all great partnerships lie a broad set of shared values and a commitment to a common purpose and this holds true with respect to the relationship between SecondBite and PonyUp. SecondBite is delighted to partner with PonyUp as we’re both passionate about waste reduction, better use of resources, helping communities and generally improving the lives of those doing it tough.”

PonyUp has set a goal of providing 250,000 healthy meals by 30 June 2017, by turning donated decommissioned devices into charitable donations for SecondBite.  We understand that when businesses seek new options, which deliver economic, social and environmental benefits, we will start to see incredible change in the world. We believe that PonyUp for Good can provide a conduit for this goodness and help make it easy for companies to deliver on their environmental and social responsibility objectives. 

The potential impact of this partnership is significant in not only keeping millions of kilos of food and technology out of landfill, but meaningfully contributing to the ongoing issue of food insecurity in Australia. We look forward to the journey to come and hope that you come along for the ride. 

For now. 

Cat & Mardi