PonyUp for Good - 'Friends & Family Pilot' - LAUNCH DAY!


We are so proud to announce that today is the launch of the 


By now you may have heard that we have been busy building a new social enterprise, which we are both incredibly proud of. 

The PURPOSE of our pilot is to test our processes, build our story ready for market launch in August - and most importantly, to raise some much needed funds for ACE & the Happy School. In fact they will be receiving 50% of profits from the pilot!

Today we are asking for YOUR SUPPORT in order to help us launch and achieve these goals.

How can I do this you ask?

It’s super easy:

1. PonyUp the used phones, ipods, tablets and laptops currently gathering dust in your drawers and in business IT storage rooms. Oh yes, we know they are there! 

2. Share the good word of PonyUp with your friends and family by liking our page and sharing our Facebook posts, or by rallying them to PonyUp their own devices.

3. Ask your place of employment how they currently manage their decommissioned devices. If they are interested in Ponying Up for Good, we will happily get in touch.

4. Give us your constructive feedback & fan mail throughout the pilot. It will make you 37% better looking!

Thank you for PonyingUp for Good!

BIG LOVE - Cat & Mardi