How to wrap up a Pony for Christmas...


As pacifists, we’d never dream of tethering or containing such a beast. Which on reflection... is somewhat how we’d describe 2017!

Christmas has swung round again like a crazy consumeristic merry-go-round and we’re all holding on for dear life - a roll of wrapping paper in one hand and a list of ‘to-do’s’ in the other.

At PonyUp HQ, we like to take time for a bit of quiet reflection too. So pour yourself some mulled wine, pop on George Michael's, ‘Last Christmas’ and join us in reflecting about the ups, downs and round-and-rounds of the year which has been...

2017 has been a massive year and has seen some amazing new clients join the PonyUp stable, including the incredible teams at; SXiQThomas Duryea LogicalisLittle Real EstateAustralia PostEdge EnvironmentTelstraIVE GroupConsolidated and Collins Place!

It is fair to say, those who have jumped on board have done so in gumboots with both feet! We have been ever impressed by you and all the work you do in living to your environmental & community values. We love how much you care and even more, that it shows in spades. Our Christmas hats are tipped in your direction. Thank you so much for your support.

Through our amazing clients and via our wonderful partnership with the team at MRI E-Cycle Solutions, we have delivered some incredible environmental and social outcomes, including keeping more than 30 tonnes of technology out of landfill and finding a way to reuse 58% of it - this not only extends the valuable life of the technology, but also has enabled us to donate enough funds for our friends at SecondBite to feed 62,408 people across Australia in need.

Q2 reporting image.png

PonyUp for Good has also become active members of cutting edge environmental and CSR communities, making it easier for big business to give back including;

We look forward to announcing some exciting new partnerships forged through these communities in the New Year.

A special shout out is absolutely required to the amazing team at SecondBite - It’s true... We LUFF you! You guys just don’t skip a beat and it’s fair to say, your focus and tenaciousness gets stronger and more focused every time we talk. We love how you champion for change in food waste, how you craft new and innovative partnerships, which inch you closer and closer to your ever broadening goals of feeding more & more people across Australia. Thank you for what you do!

We have learnt an awful LOT this year... Seen technology we didn’t know existed and some, which hasn’t existed since 1973. We’ve made countless public speaking appearances, rolled out employee engagement programs, stared endlessly at spreadsheets, drunk waaayyy too much coffee and sometimes too much wine. We have been inspired by smart and passionate people along the way, who have embraced our mission with boundless enthusiasm. For this we thank you from the bottom of our bottoms...

From us at PonyUp for Good - Have a wonderful break, safe travels & Happy New Year whatever your plans.

Much love & don’t forget to eat your Brussels sprouts!

Mardi & Cat xx