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Why have we created a Social Enterprise, which donates 50% of its profits?

We are all entitled to basic needs, yet some of us spend our days fighting for food, shelter, safety, water, medication, sanitation, education, care, connection - and some days we even fight for our lives. We’ve found a way to provide businesses with a simple and non-monetary opportunity to contribute beyond themselves, via unwanted, second hand technology, knowing that this action will better the future of those who need it most.

We’re PonyingUp for Good because we have the opportunity to build a business, which gives to others compassionately and ethically and has a by-product of reusing technology and reducing Australia’s e-waste landfill. It’s about conscious capitalism at its root.

We asked ourselves, ‘how can we use our education, knowledge, networks and resources to build a company, which directly benefits others with meaning and impact? So giddyup people, it’s time to PonyUp!

Co Founders - Cat Harding & Mardi Brown

Cat Harding is a communications and project management professional with over 20 years experience across a multitude of industries. She has launched music careers, dressed 20,000 people for the Commonwealth Games and managed communications projects for London Underground, Pacific Brands and CitiPower and Powercor.

Cat has two beautiful girls and wants to come home every day proud of the impact she has made in the world so she can teach her children that one person with the right attitude can make a difference.

Her dream is to make ‘PonyUp’ as much the common vernacular for what you do with redundant technology as Googling has become the term for how you search for information.

Mardi Brown is motivated by a need to drive meaningful change. You will often hear her asking, ‘for what purpose are we doing this?’

Mardi is a trained Behavioural Specialist and has worked as Head of People & Culture with TEDxMelbourne, and in her own consultancy has helped businesses develop strategies and standards for their own workplace cultures. She has a degree in Business/Marketing and 15+ years experience leading teams as a Senior Marketer across HR, Tourism & Hospitality in both Australia and North America.

Since 2009, Mardi has held the role of Co-President of Act, Change, Educate (ACE), who manage the Happy School project in Cambodia. 

Mardi loves getting her hands dirty in every part of PonyUp’s growth. Her mission: To get every business in Australia PonyingUp their used technology to help those in need!